Search Engine Optimization
Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the forerunners in the SEO sector. If you’d want to increase your business opportunities, you need to generate more traffic to your website. But how do you do that in a seemingly congested and disorganized space like the Internet? The best way to increase traffic and consequential traffic at that is to mark your presence on major search engines.

Search engines with their own spiders list your web pages in a specific manner. Search engine optimization of your web pages will ensure that your customers easily find your website on a search engine. As a part of our web marketing strategy, Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers search engine optimization services to put your website on the major search engines.


 SEO and Internet Marketing

   Smart Advertising
Online Advertising is the smartest and easiest way to reach more people effectively. Does cold-mailing to people or putting ads on websites prove a good choice? Is there a chance of right customers reaching your website? How do the users identify your information from the abundant information available on the internet?

Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has the solutions. Internet Marketing is one of our areas of expertise. Through extensive planning and innovative ideas we do web marketing and advertising. Our team with their experience and expertise can assist you to utilize the internet in a smart and effective way. We make it possible for you to reach your customers and your customers reach you.
  Search engine optimisation process
    Survey on the content & keywords
Our web promoters begin by checking the current status of your website to ensure that the optimization process will not be encountering any unforeseen problems. One of our web advisors will then use manual searches and research tips to gather data and create a list of the most traffic generating and targeted keywords in your industry. Your advisor will consult with you to choose the best keywords for your optimization as you are the best person to speak about your industry.
    Hyperlink Generations
The development of incoming links from well-established websites is one of the major variables in attaining high search engine rankings. Link generations are absolutely essential to your website’s success and play a crucial role during the optimization process. The quality links are generated by means of:

Uni-directional Link listing in high value portals
Exchange of links and directional information.
Online directory submissions
Back linking of the pages
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