Php Programming
Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been working with PHP technology since 8+ years. We have been one of the early adopters of some of the open source processes which have become standards today. We have a sizeable team of PHP developers, which is well-versed in Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) & AJAX.
Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are committed to excellence in web development and use the latest techniques to develop web sites, which are modern, expandable, flexible, and fast.
Since last two years we have been concentrating on expandable PHP webs which use modern MVC (Model-View-Controller. Having an MVC model allows us to develop, skin able websites. The design, and application layer are in separate files. This makes front end and back end of the website independent for changes and modifications. Hence you can continually upgrade your website with freedom.
Modern web2.0 is more interactive than ever before in the history of web. The use of AJAX and DIV to create independent data components within a webpage has given website navigation and user friendliness a new meaning. Since web pages these days interact in many ways with a user, we require standard models to control the working of the user, and provide security. This is unachievable without a solid framework for your website.

PHP Web Development

Effective Web Design & Development is essential for the business on internet and it includes wide range of components. Programming language and programmers are two main factors responsible for high quality web development, likewise PHP programming and PHP developers play essential role in high worth web development for modern business.
To bring more refine results in Web development,Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a professional web development company provides PHP web development via professional PHP developers.
Contemporary business and social networks on the internet are growing rapidly; similarly cut-throat competition and demands of ultimate online users are also increasing. PHP web development is the best solution to meet requirements of companies, groups and individual businessmen. PHP web development can be efficiently used in building various websites for wide range of industries, the range of PHP based products are eCommerce sites, job portals, custom web applications, intranet portals, CMS driven websites, social networking websites, and many more.
Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is professional Web Development Company with long time exposure in PHP web development for global clients and extensive experience in L.A.M.P (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) technologies & Ajax. Our clients are from all over the sphere and we have served wide range of industries such as Real Estate, Healthcare industry, Banking industry, Retail industry, Mobile industry. On the basis of PHP/MySQL development experience, we have active share in growing rate of PHP usage, which can be estimated with glance over our portfolio for PHP based customized website development projects performed by us.
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